Born and raised in Athens, Greece, Dimitris was first introduced to photography in 1982 with a Yashica GT while on a road trip to what was then Yugoslavia. However, he truly discovered his calling when taking a photojournalism class while studying electrical engineering at Wichita State University. He has been in the field ever since, gaining experience though exhibiting personal work, working in museums, teaching university courses, completing his MFA, opening a studio and making thousands of photographs along the way.  Dimitris has lived in Athens, New York, Miami, Chicago, and Los Angeles and has traveled through Europe, Asia and South America. After living and working in Dallas for the past 12 years Dimitris, his wife Jen, and their two boys made Wichita, Kansas their residence and the new home of Dimitris Skliris Photography LLC. Splitting his time between freelance photography and teaching at the Art Institute of Dallas, Dimitris specializes in commercial and portrait work. He loves to be challenged and lives an adventurous and artistic daily life. He is a part of innovative projects and collaborations in Dallas, Wichita and all around the country. 
  • Aviation
  • Portraits
  • Exterior / Interior Architecture
  • Products / Works of Art